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The NEXT PROMOTIONAL test is Saturday, NOVEMBER 21st at 9am.

If you want to be looked at for testing this month, please put your name in green on the board.  You must be signed off by Saturday, November 14th

Testing fees are:  Yellow stripe $25, Yellow belt through Red belt $45, Danbo $60, and are due the day of the test.

There WILL be E-Rush at 8am.  There WILL NOT be a 9:00am Family Class on this day! ..


LIL’ DRAGONS TESTS will be in December.  Mark your calendars for December 8th and Dec 11th.  A sign up sheet will go up in the beginning of December. 



The Black Belt Club members only classes are:  Wednesday 11/11 at 6pm, Friday, 11/20 @ 6pm, and Tuesday, 11/24 @ 6:00pm. The classes rotate so that we can accommodate more schedules this way.  Each class is 45 minutes long and is for children and adults in the BBC.

Just a reminder:  We don’t have extra weapons to borrow, so if you do not bring your weapon to BBC class, you will take the regularly scheduled beginner class that night. 


**Please note – there will not be a separate intermediate class on the 11th and the 24th.  The BBC class has been very large lately and we need the extra space.  99% of the intermediate children are in the BBC, so bring your weapons!

Also, on Friday 11/20 the BBC class will coincide with the forms class.  I highly recommend that if you are testing on Saturday the 21st, you choose the forms class over the BBC class.


TIP:  Your nunchucks are small enough to fit in the bottom of your bag, so put them there for this month so you are prepared for class!  You may want to mark your handles with your name so you can tell your pair apart from other people’s if you put them down! 



The weapons nights for the Masters classes will be Monday the 9th, 16th and 23rd.  Black Belts – please bring your swords to the Masters class on these nights!


BULLY BUSTER AND BREAKING CLASS is Tuesday, November 10th at 6pm.  This free event is for kids in the community ages 5-12.  If you have a friend who wants to try TKD, please let them know about this class.  Registration is required, please have them call us at 717-292-2227 or e-mail to reserve their spot.


T-SHIRT NIGHTS FOR NOVEMBER –  Assigned t-shirt nights for the month of November are:  Mon 11/9, Tues, 11/17, Wed 11/25 and Every Friday. 

You may wear a Dover Dragons t-shirt with your pants and belt on assigned t-shirt nights! 




Tues, December 1st at 8pm.  This meeting is mandatory.  Please let Master Bob or Mrs Tracy know ahead of time if you are not able to make it.  A separate e-mail with the minutes from last night’s meeting will be sent to SSL team members this week.


OUR NEW WEBSITE!  Please check our new website at and let us know what you think!  Also, please rate us and leave a review.  The way we are promoted on search engines such as google is by the review on our website.  We appreciate it!


STAFF SURVEY – At the front desk is a staff survey that will only take a minute or 2 of your time to fill out.  We appreciate any feedback you have to give, please be honest. 

There is a box to fold your survey and return it to us.  It can be anonymous, or if you want to discuss something personally please fill that out on the survey so we can contact you.


YORK YMCA 19th ANNUAL TURKEY TROT:  Each year several students and families from Dover Dragons join thousands of other people and run the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot in York.  Last year over 5000 people ran, it is a great way to get in some exercise before the BIG MEAL!  It is a fun time, and you don’t need to be a cross country runner to participate!  The website for information and to sign up is  We would love to see you out there on Thanksgiving morning!

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