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Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do

About Us

Not only does Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do aim to bring the joy of proper martial arts instruction to martial artists of all backgrounds, but we instill values that change our students’ lives for the better. At Dover Dragons, we view Taekwondo as more than mastering kicks, punches, and techniques. Here, Taekwondo is a welcoming and encouraging community that teaches students respect, self-discipline, confidence, and growth.

Dover Dragons is a family-run business that always puts our students first. We’ve seen firsthand the success stories of students who have gone through our program, and firmly believe that everyone deserves to learn the skills and principles that we teach. Whether you’ve never stepped on a mat before or are already a black belt, you will find what you’re looking for here. We don’t just create amazing martial artists – we create amazing people.

A kids class at Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do

Martial Arts Instructors

If you want to see the impact of Dover Dragons, you don’t have to look far! Many of our instructors grew up training at our school, and continue to showcase the values and principles of Dover Dragons. Our instructors are highly experienced martial artists, passionate educators, and professionals in everything that they do. Before stepping foot into our classrooms, they are personally taught by Master Bob Kistner, Dover Dragon’s owner and founder.

Owner and Head Instructor

Mr. Josh Collins


Mrs. Diane


Mrs. Tracy Kistner


Ms. Jaylynn Malehorn


Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do

SWAT Leadership Team

Dover Dragon’s Swat and Leadership Team is a group of amazing student leaders who help keep our classes running smoothly. Every member of our leadership team is trained twice a year at our Leadership Academy and attends our monthly leadership meetings and classes. These events guarantee that our Swat and Leadership Team can effectively help each and every one of our students. All of our black belt instructors are Kukkiwon certified and have years of training under Master Bob.

Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do Swat Team

Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do

Our Mission

Be Dedicated
Make everyone feel welcome
Treat each student with respect
Empower our members
Help members reach their goals

Dover Dragons Tae Kwon Do

Get Started Today

Are you ready for your first class with Dover Dragons? Don’t wait – reach out to us over phone or email, or through the “Get More Information” button. We can’t wait to meet you!